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My name is Elia Strange.

I've created this website because of my passion in healthy eating and healthy living. I was born in Russia, and ten years ago I came to the United Kingdom to study and to live.

I have recently completed a University Degree in Psychology and Counselling, followed by MPhil Degree in Psychology Research.

My next huge project is to start PhD in the area of health psychology, while at the same time researching raw food nutrition and its benefits, and adding all the interesting and valuable information to this website.

When I find fascinating research findings on healthy eating and living, I always want to share them with those who are interested in such information.

A raw food diet helps me to successfully control all the symptoms of Ulcerative Colitis that I have since last year. It also brought many benefits to me personally in terms of how I look and how I feel.

‘Try Raw Food diet!’ – it has become my staple advice to anyone who suffers from practically any illness, or trying to lose weight, detox their body, or beautify their skin, hair and nails.

I’ve noticed that many people are afraid to try this approach because to them it is a bit 'extreme'. But there are others who are searching for this information that will make them want to try this magical, healing and beautifying diet.

They want to experience all the benefits from it, and more importantly, they want to stay successfully on this diet for many years.

I hope that through my website I will reach all those people who are interested in improving their health and their looks, and who needs a bit of motivation to succeed with Raw Food diet.

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