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Reach your ideal weight.

One of the most obvious benefits of a raw food diet is losing your weight. Can you imagine being really-really slim with a tiny waist as you've always wanted? Looking good in your bikini and going shopping for smaller sizes?

A raw food diet is the number one diet, which I would recommend to anyone, who wants to lose weight.

First of all, raw foods contain less calories than cooked foods, so you can eat lots and still lose weight. Secondly, your body takes all the nutrients from these foods, putting all the remaining fiber through your intestines, and not leaving anything behind.

It as if raw foods ‘go straight through’ you, whereas cooked foods are not. When you eat cooked food, for example, a jacket potato, your body doesn’t know what to do with it

It looks at it, says ‘Hi. What can you give me?’, and then seeing that thereis hardly any nutrition in it, shrugs its shoulders (I’m sure it has some shoulders), and puts it aside to deal with it later. Yeah, that’s the thing – ‘it puts it aside’! This is what you call your ‘handles’ or ‘big belly’.

Starch foods like potatoes, pasta, and most grains become part of you, literally, when you eat them. Do you know that farmers noticed that if they feed their animals raw foods (like potatoes), their animals will not gain any weight? But if they fed them cooked starchy vegetables, they gained fat.

On a raw food diet many people lose 15 or more pounds in a month or two without feelings of any deprivation. Obese people, who substituted their favourite meals like ice-creams for their ‘raw’ analogies, were still losing weight very successfully.

I can also say from my personal experience that every time I loaded on cooked food, for example, during the Christmas season, I always knew that it would take me a few weeks of eating a raw food diet (even without regular exercising, though it helps) to lose all the weight around my waist (a holiday season seems never lasts a few days, it’s more like a month or so!).


Your beautiful skin and a raw food diet

Do you know that some celebrities (Alicia Silverstone, Woody Harrelson, and others) go on a raw food diet before they have to appear on the red carpet?

But it doesn’t stop only there. Some of them decided to include it permanently into their lifestyle. For example Demi Moore admitted that the secret to her youthful complexion and slim beautiful body is eating lots of raw foods.

Model Carol Alt admitted that being on a raw food diet is easy for her to maintain her slim physique.

Previously, limiting her (cooked) diet and exercising, she had to work really hard to stay and look slim and beautiful. Now, eating primarily raw foods (for about 8 years), she doesn’t have to restrict herself anymore, she can eat what she wants. She says that her abdominal definition is much better on a raw food diet than it was on a limited cooked food diet combining with exercising.

Some of her wrinkles seemed to disappear as well.

Tonya Zavasta looks amazing in her 50s, and I think she looks at least 15 years younger than she is. Have a look at her photo and video to see how amazing anyone can look when they eat what their body likes (not what the taste buds want).

She does eat, however, 100% raw diet and does yoga most days. She says, ‘Beauty lies latent under cushions of retained fluids, deposits of fat and sick tissues. Your body is buried alive’ (You Right to be Beautiful).

If you need more ‘proof’ that a raw food diet will change how you look, then look at these ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos of people who adopted this approach. But the best of all, try it for yourself.

Try this diet (high % raw food, 80-100%) for a month and then ask someone to take your photo.

I am sure you will see the difference between your new photo and the old one. You are very welcome to email me your photos with your story, I love hearing from people about their 'raw' transformations, and I will place your photos (and your short story) onto this website.

Reference: Schenck, S. (2008). The Life Food Factor. San Diego, CA: Awakenings Publications.


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