Raw Food and your Energy

Raw foods are amazing foods. They not only provide superior nutrition than cooked foods, they also able to give you energy all day long.

When my husband and I went to visit our friends for a social night, we all had few glasses of wine.

Next day, our friends had a slight hangover and were not very talkative or energetic in the morning (we stayed overnight at their house). We went home late that morning and started tiding up our house, hovering and so on, while happily chatting to each other.

It was only much later we realised that because of our high intake of raw foods, we did not experience any signs of hangover or lack of energy.

These days I drink very little alcohol, if any, when I go out or visit my friends, and of course, I do not have any sign of hangover or tiredness after a busy and sociable evening.

Many raw foodists like Dr Douglas Graham and Victoria Boutenko and her family noticed that since their raw food lifestyle begun, they are able to exercise for much longer, and have more strength and stamina.

I've also noticed that my running time is extended dramatically. Before I started a raw food diet, I generally disliked running, because I became quickly out of breath, it made me red and sweaty, and sometimes gave me ‘stitches’ (pain in the side of my body).

These days, running is my favourite exercise in the gym and outside of the gym. I can run for 40-50 minutes easily without getting out of breath, my speed has increased dramatically, and I don’t have any more pains in my body.

It’s a huge improvement in my life, because it seems that I found an exercise that I really enjoy doing.

Exercising is an essential part of your healthy plan. It is great that you are planning to eat healthier than you did before (otherwise you wouldn’t read this article), but it is also important to consider some form of exercising into your life.

Raw foods can help you to gain more energy and motivation to go walking, jogging, or going to gym. Monitor (or write down) your current motivation for exercising, energy that you have throughout the day (e.g. from 1 to 10 in the morning, afternoon, and evening) and see how they change in the matter of weeks. You will be amazed!

And if you are doing weight-lifting, then of course, write down how much you can lift and push at the moment (as an athlete you should be doing it anyway) and how it changes throughout the time.

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