Benefits of raw food diet:

Why it is important to strive towards 90-100 % ‘raw’

Below, you can find my own reasons for striving to be on the 90-100% raw food diet. Please feel free to add your reasons for being on the raw food diet (even if it’s 50% raw).

- To have a beautiful, spot-free, wrinkle-free skin, and radiant, smooth and glowing complexion (I used to have spots and blemishes for many years. Not anymore!)

- To nourish my body with lots of vitamins and minerals with every meal

- To have a perfect digestion and to heal Ulcerative Colitis completely (I am now symptom-free for few months)

- To fully detoxify my body, make it squeaky clean from inside out

- To prevent any inflammation, which I used to have – in my throat (sore throat when having cold or flu), my gums, sinuses (nose), and joints (especially knees)

- No more headaches or migraines. I used to carry with me Nurofen in my handbag. I had fear of not having it with me when headache strikes, because it can quickly grow into a migraine. Now I know that if I’m on at least 75% raw food diet, I will not have any headaches and I don't need to carry Nurofen with me anymore.

- No more allergies, like hay fever (I used to have them every spring and summer!) or skin rashes (which appeared often enough in the past for some unknown reasons)

- To prevent (and not being afraid) of any type of cancer. They say that these days we have 1 in 5 chance of developing some type of cancer. Not if you are on the raw food diet!

- To avoid any heart related problem. It’s the number 1 killer in the US and in the UK. It’s so bad, because often it doesn’t give you any warning. You might suddenly collaps with a heart attack and die anywhere on the street. However, it probably won't happen to you if you are on a raw food diet!

- Stop the aging clock like Tonya Zavasta. She looks at least 15 years younger and she is in her 50s!

- No more colds and flu! I used to have them at least 4-6 times a year. Not anymore!

- Look slim and turn everyone’s head when you enter a room full of people. Wear crop tops (if you dare!), tight fitted tops, and beautiful and revealing bikinis! (well, that’s for the ladies )

- Have much better intuition when making choices. Or, as they say in spirituality, receive your guidance and hear your answers from the Infinite knowledge.

- Have stronger nails, healthier looking hair (shinier and thicker), and possibly (as reported by some people) sharper vision and hearing

- Have sparkley eyes and chiseled face

- Have a constant supply of energy throughout the day. No more afternoon drowsiness or falling from the feet when you get home from work. In fact, you may have so much energy, that you will want to join the gym or take on some other enjoyable activity.

- Have less hours of sleep throughout the night and spend these hours on some other enjoyable activity instead.


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