Pros and Cons of Raw Food Diet

For many months, while I tried to sort myself regarding how much of raw foods I should be eating, I was comparing all the benefits of high Vs low raw food diet.

Then I thought that it would be easier if I put it all in the table.

I was trying different % of raw foods in my diet to see what benefits they bring, and to see whether there is any significant difference between high Vs low raw raw food diet. What you see below is what I found during several months of experimenting with raw foods.

Many of these results are closely tired with experience of other people who tried a raw food diet. You might also enjoy our article on Raw Food and Stress - provided by

90-100 % Raw

50-75% Raw

Less than 50% Raw


- You may have constant cravings and obsessive thoughts about cooked food


- You have to be creative about what to prepare for lunch/dinner, and what to eat when you are dining out with your friends and family


- There is a very high risk of slipping and bingeing


- Very difficult to manage the diet when visiting friends and family for few days (and they normally cook for everybody


- Over time your body becomes less tolerant to cooked foods (highly sensitive); which means risk of being ill when eating cooked foods for few days in a row (like during festive season)


- You have to highly motivate yourself daily, especially in the first few months


- You have to exclude some foods from your diet like sweet potatoes, grains, beans and legumes (unless you sprout them)


- Very easy to slide down to lower % of raw foods eaten


- Your healing (if that's your goal) will be much slower than if you are eating 90-100%, and your symptoms (of whatever you are trying to heal) may stay as before


- There is a risk of getting another dis-ease or minor illnesses like colds, headaches, allergies, and infections


- It is easy to slip to all-cooked-food day, especially during holidays and celebrations


- You become less creative (than if you are on 90-100% raw) and often rely more on what’s in the fridge, which means you might cook food much more often (e.g. stir-fry whatever you can find in fridge - as I did)


- If you are healing dis-ease, this approach may not give you any benefits at all. The symptoms may be very difficult to control


- Very high risk for infections and other dis-eases


- You might be less healthy overall (than if you are on a higher % raw), you might live less years as well


- It is not an anti-age approach, and you will probably look ‘average’ as the years go by.


- There is a high risk of developing physical and psychological dis-ease when you get to your old age


- You tend to forget about ‘raw’ approach and that you wanted to become a 'raw foodist' , and you might lose all the enthusiasm and motivation for being one and for learning new raw recipes


- You tend to forget about all the benefits of ‘raw’ food lifestyle


+ it’s the most beneficial diet for healing many dis-eases, and maintaining superb health


+ with time, you will look younger than your peers, and probably live longer than them too


+ Your body will go through the total detoxification mode, and it will be free from any parasites, and impaired and carcinogenic cells


+ You skin will be magnificent after only a few weeks, less pronounced wrinkles, no spots and blemishes, pores will look tighter, and skin will look fresh as if after exercising


+ You will have slim body and small waist


+ This diet gives you much more variety than a 100% one


+ You can still have your favourite cooked foods


+ Easy to manage social events, dining out, and when you visit friends and relatives


+ Nobody is looking at you like you are a weirdo, or feeling sorry for you when you tell them you’re doing this for health reasons


+ Less/no risk of binging


+ There is a much higher probability/possibility to maintain this approach long-term (or even all your life)


+ You can eat what you want!


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