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The Appetite Zapper CD – what is it?

This CD was created by a well-known US Clinical Hypnotherapist Wendi Friesen, who has helped thousands of people to lose weight, become confident and successful, heal their dis-eases, and become happy beings through hypnosis in the past 10+ years.

I personally love her CDs, which are inspirational, relaxing and pleasant to listen to. Here is what she says about ‘The Appetite Zapper’ CD:

This CD session uses a unique method of creating an internal (and unconscious) mechanism that makes food choices for you.

Without a thought you will find that your appetite has changed. One of my clients told me that she was cutting up vegetables the next day for a snack. She says she never eats vegetables, but now loves them.

Another client told me that she had a box of chocolates in front of her and didn't feel like eating them.

She called me to ask if something was wrong with her. I said, "well, tell me how you feel about the chocolates". She said that she just didn't feel like eating them.

"Wonderful! You inner mind is doing just what it should... making it natural and easy for you to turn down the fatty foods".

This CD also has the LOVE TO EXERCISE session.

I personally think that if you are struggling to get onto a ‘healthy path’ and cut out your unhealthy cravings and habbits, promising yourself that you will start next Monday or even tomorrow (which never comes), then this CD might be your solution.

Just listen to the CD in the morning or in the evening (preferably every evening, before you go to bed), and your subconscious mind will absorb her suggestions about healthy eating and exercising.

Don’t be surprised (or be surprised!) when you will want to reach for a fruit instead of junk food, and when you will want to go for a brisk walk instead of sitting on the sofa.

Try the CD and do let me know how you get on!


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USA - $29.90

UK - £19.18


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